Mega Strength Adhesive

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5620 Mega Strength Adhesive
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Mega strenth is a fast setting, waterproof adhesive, which boasts versatility and great strength . Designed specifically to bond No More Ply tile backer boards to wood, metal, brick, stone and concrete
It can be used in many other applications, including waterproofing and reinforcing of all types of joints. Application is very straight forward with a standard sealant gun.


A superb construction adhesive Mega strength polyurethane adhesive is a transparent one part moisture curing adhesive whice sets in 5 minutes. The product is supplied as thixotropic gel which is 100% seawater proof, gives exceptional high bond strength and is resistant to most chemicals. The product foams slightly on application to fill small gaps which increases bond strength.
Invaluable for all bathroom fitters and other tradesmen.


Coverage: approx 5-8 No More Ply Boards

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