Please see below for a selection of our best selling products;
  • 108NR413LP Low Profile Trap
    Low Profile Trap 108NR413LP
  • WWAP-05-1065 Raised Concept Kit
    Raised Concept Kit 6 - Linear Waste WWAP-05-1065

    The Concept 6L is designed for two principal applications where a distinctive shower tray i.e. 50mm off the ground is required. Some customers prefer a small step between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom floor.

  • 5710 38mm Screws
    Self Counter Sinking & Drilling Screws 38mm 5710

    Galvanised, self-drilling, self-countersinking screws for use with 9mm No More Ply boards and Mega Strength adhesive.

    200 screws will be sufficient to install up to 25 boards of No More Ply.

  • 5612 12mm Backer Board
    12mm Backer Board 5612

    Built for the purpose, the Arley 12mm tile backer board is the best material to line your wetroom walls and floors before tiling.

  • 238WP1000 Wetroom Panel
    Hydro Wetroom Panel 1000mm 238WP1000

    The quality contemporary 1000mm Hydro wetroom panel give a touch of class to your wetroom. 

    6mm clear saftey glass and polished chrome profiles give the perfect look for any modern bathroom or wetroom.